Collision Repair Lifetime Guarantee

What is covered

We are so confident in the quality of work we produce that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all work we perform. The guarantee is for the lifetime of the vehicle and includes any issues relating to the work we have performed.

Furthermore you are also protected by our paint suppliers guarantee covering their product applied in our facility to their specification.

We will guarantee almost everything but sometimes these issues do not fall into the category of workmanship. Please see below examples of issue not relating to our workmanship.

Here are our recommendation to minimise some of these issues:

Paint Staining

Bird Droppings and other surface contaminants can cause damage to the paint surface and finish. Our recommendation is to clean bird droppings and other large contaminants off immediately with warm soapy water rinsed with clean water.

Industrial fallout and other chemical fallout can occur if your vehicle is parked in close proximity to railway lines or industrial estates. It is recommended to have a vehicle detailer remove this fallout regularly before it can stain the paint surface.

Concrete & Other construction materials

Wet construction materials like concrete or bitumen can cause irreparable damage to you paint. In the event you experience splashes of wet construction material it must be removed immediately and preferably before it dries out. If the material has dried onto the surface you will need to enlist the help of a skilled vehicle detailer to remove as much as possible.

Paint Chipping

Stone Chips can occur more easily on fresh paint. It is our recommendation to avoid or reduce the possibility of stone chips for at least the first 30 days after receiving your vehicle. You can reduce the possibility of stone chips by keeping further back from the vehicles in front especially large multi-wheeled vehicles like trucks, Drive slower on unsurfaced roads if they are unavoidable and generally drive with a bit more consideration to loose material on the road surface. The plus side of hopefully avoiding stone chips is you will be increasing your safety whilst on the roads.

Paint Swirls & Scratches

All jobs leave our facility looking shiny & sharp. After weeks of washing your vehicle you can do damage to your paint if you're not careful about the washing process. If you like to maintain it's shiny appearance there are a few tips to avoid swirls and scratches that occur whilst washing your car. Dirt tapped in you sponge can scratch the paint surface so don't forget to rinse your sponge and pre-soak the car prior to sponging to remove the loose dirt so it doesn't cause scratches. Water is precious so we recommend taking your vehicle to the local carwash that recycles water whenever possible.

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