replacement vehicle - Are they really free?

Flagstaff Autobody offer replacement vehicle to all customers.

Customers often read this and think, whats the catch. There is no catch, as long as you are a customer of ours and we are repairing your vehicle you have the choice to take a free replacement vehicle. Our competition may offer replacement vehicle, free replacement cars or free courtesy cars but there is usually a catch to it or the vehicle is a tired old clunker. Often the word 'free' that our competion throw about, doesn't necessarily mean as such. Free usually means 'Free' as long as your job meets certain conditions that will allow the business to recover the actual cost of the 'Replacement vehicle' from the other party or their insurer. Be careful of the fine print too because there is often a nasty sting left behind if the recovery of costs for the Replacement vehicle is unsuccessful. The sting is that you may have inadventantly signed to pay for the 'free replacement vehicle' if recover of costs is unsuccessful. There is another version of 'free' that is used by our competition too. Free can also mean that the replacement car is free but they will overcharge your insurer for the repairs to your vehicle to cover the cost. Who do you think pays for the loan car in the end? You do, in you insurance premium in following years because of the increased cost to repair your vehicle. Then there is the tired old cheapy version of Replacement vehicle. You may be offered a Replacement vehicle but you will get a surprise when out comes a 20+ year old clunker and you are handed the keys with a smile. Who wants to be driving that? So it might appear our competition offer free replacement cars but it is actually only when it suits them or with a car that is not suitable.

How are our loan cars different?

Flagstaff Autobody offer genuinly replacement vehicle. We own a large fleet of vehicles that are regularily maintained and replaced afer a few years of service. The courtesy cars range in size from smaller VW Golf'and Hyundai i30, through midsize Toyota Camry to large Ford Falcon Stationwagons. The Toyota camry has proved to be a excellent choice for a good size so the majority of our loan car fleet is Toyota Camry from new to a few years old. We do not have vehicles in the compact car catergory nor do we own any worn out old clunkers. You will get a similar vehicle to what you are driving, often better, or you may request a different size too. All costs associated with owning the replacement car fleet is covered by Flagstaff Autobody including regular servicing, tyres, rego and insurance. As a customer who chooses to take a Replacement vehicle from us you will find no hidden surprises in out loan car agreement. You will not be have to sign any sort of recovery papers and only have to accept the general terms and conditions. These term are straightforward and cover things like insurance cover, traffic/parking infringements, damage and basic usage guidelines. There are no hidden fine print or complicated terms. The only cost you will cover is fuel, tolls and any infringements or parking fees just like you would when driving your own vehicle. Unlike our competition, we rarely have waiting lists for our free replacement cars with vehicles clean and ready to go at a moments notice.

A Sample of our Loan Cars

Panel Beaters in Melbourne with Free Loan Cars

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