Panel Shop

Heavy Repair - Panel Shop

Heavy Repair area in our panel shop. We have three heavy repair work areas. the areas are all equipped to the same level using Car-O-Liner computerised measuring benches. The work areas are so effective that they are used for all type of repair from light to heavy repair. Flagstaff Autobody - Panel Beaters Melbourne


Light Repair - Panel Shop

One of our light repair bays. All of our work bays are large and spacious. We expect efficient process from our department so we allow then plenty of space to work efficiently with out restrictions. Flagstaff Autobody - Panel Beaters Melbourne


Company Slogan

Name pretty much says it all. Ever company should have a company slogan they adhere to day in day out. Ours is, 'DO IT RIGHT, DO IT ONCE'. Flagstaff Autobody - Panel Beaters Melbourne


Our Partners

  • wurth - automotive equipment and consumable products
  • Max Kirwin
  • TOUCHFLOW - auto bodyshop process control system
  • Makin & Luby
  • Northern Motor Group
  • Allan Mance Holden
  • Bayford Group
  • MIRKA - automotive abrasive
  • VACC - automotive regulatory body
  • SNAP-ON - top of the line auto tools and equipment
  • 3M - automotive adhesives
  • ENVIROBASE - industry leading waterborne automotive paint
  • CAR-O-LINER - auto industry measuring and aligning equipment
  • PPG - car paint  OEM
  • Repairer Network - Accident repairers network