Flagstaff Autobody is a

2 Acre State of the Art

Professional Panel Beater in Melbourne

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Small And Large

Smash Repair Jobs

Our Staff are all

Highly Trained Professionals

With up to Date Industry Knowledge

We Strive To Always Provide

A Clean Secure And Safe

Working Environment

Flagstaff Autobody Is A Proud


Innovation Partner


Service Without Equal

At Our Collision Repair Centre

We Provide

Unbranded Replacement Cars *

Not Mobile Billboards

Lifetime Guarantee

All work performed at Flagstaff Autobody’s state of the art Collision Repair Centre includes a Full Lifetime Guarantee.

Why choose us?

State of the art Accident Repair Center
Free pick-up and delivery
Complete claims assistance
Friendly customer service
Quality assured
Environmentally friendly

Do you manage a fleet?

Flagstaff Autobody offer a flexible & tailored fleet accident repair service throughout Melbourne & Victoria.

Features & Benefits

State of the Art Panel Beaters in Melbourne

Flagstaff Autobody has a large, modern and very well equipped smash repair facility. With almost 2 acres of state of art features, minutes from the CBD, we are one of the largest panel beaters in Melbourne. We utilise the latest computerised measuring systems from Car-O-Liner who are the leading heavy equipment supplier of the industry.

Panel beaters Melbournepro panel beaters facilityexpert panel beaters

Our paint system is by PPG the world leader in OEM paint refinishes on the of majority passenger, fleet and exotic vehicles. Bodyshop management from Job Workflow to Occupational Health & Safety is managed by the industry technology innovators - Touchflow Process Control Systems. You can view our state of the art panel shop photos in the photo gallery.

Professional panel beaters Melbourneprofessional accident repairexpert accident repairs

What sets us apart from the other panel beaters in Melbourne

Our large modern facility allows Flagstaff Autobody to implement many initiatives that are just dreams for our competitors. A known saying is 'If it doesn't have wheels or feet it doesn't belong on the floor' - we adhere to that little rule 100% and it helps keep us very organised. Our parts storage and control is second to none. Gone are the days of random parts lying around the workshop floor or the back seat of cars. We have an in-house parts storage facility that is electronically controlled and logged. Our Bodyshop Management system by Touchflow Process Control Systems ensures the whole repair process runs like a well oiled machine and everything meets up for the final inspection and detail of your vehicle prior to delivery.

Our workshop and facilities receive a regimented cleaning process that keeps our shop looking and functioning like the first day. The general philosophy of trying to do and be better within our own business is also the same philosophy that will treat your company and staff to a service that is deserved.

award winning panel beaters melbournepanel beating with detailing serviceFlagstaff panel beating assembly photo

replacement vehicle

Flagtaff Autobody operate a extensive fleet of company owned loan cars. From small hatchbacks to large stationwagons, our fleet of loan cars are current models that get replaced after a couple of years use. We take pride in offering a loan car that will complement your company fleet. All of our loan cars do not have any of our branding or stickering so your drivers will not stand out in the crowd. For more information about our replacement vehicle visit our replacement vehicles area.

Replacement Vehicle Panel beaters Melbourneaccident repairs with replacement vehicle melbourne

Free Pick-Up & Delivery

We will Pick-Up and Deliver your vehicle/s to any suburb Free of Charge. Pick-Up and Delivery can be arranged at your home, office or any other location that suits your work schedule.

professional accident repairexpert accident repairs

Furthermore we also provide replacement vehicle

Quality Assured

As we have grown over the years one thing has become more apparent in the industry. Customers of panel beaters in Melbourne are primarily focusing on quality over everything else. As vehicles, components and technology continually change and so do we. Flagstaff Autobody conduct regular training of our employees on new vehicles, methods and technologies. We use the experience of industry leaders training like ICAR, PPG and others to ensure we will not just meet the standards instead we will exceed all quality standards of the industry.

Furthermore our workshop is electronically controlled by Touchflow Process Control Systems touchscreen bodyshop management application. As part of this system each vehicle is quality checked at every move between departments and a final inspection prior to handover to the customer. Each employee is responsible for ensuring the quality of their work and department managers monitor the quality of each departments work and also checks work moving into their department. In total there are around a dozen quality inspections throughout the process ranging from confirming the correct repair method to checking the paint quality. Including a process system with integrated quality control and management has allowed almost us to maintain a very high quality, eliminate double handling and increase efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

Flagstaff Autobody are doing our part in changing the impact the industry has on the environment. We use PPG's Envirobase waterborne paint system, the most environmentally friendly paint system available. Special spray painting equipment supplies clean safe breathable air for the spray painters while painting vehicles. Our spray booths are EPA approved and filter the air released into the atmosphere. All of the waste we produce is either recycled or managed by external contractors who know best practices for environmentally friendly waste management. Certain shop & inspection lighting has been upgraded to energy efficient LED technology. Our office has reduced paper consumption by using the latest on-line claim management and digital assessment methods with insurers where available. We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible and consider any impact to the environment before we implement change in our business

Secure Safe Environment

Your vehicle/s deserve to be in a safe and secure environment. Our facility provides full secured under roof protection and security for your vehicle. With a monitored back to base alarm your can rest assured your vehicle is safe and sound while we bring it back to new.

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Our Partners

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  • VACC - automotive regulatory body
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  • ENVIROBASE - industry leading waterborne automotive paint
  • CAR-O-LINER - auto industry measuring and aligning equipment
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  • Repairer Network - Accident repairers network